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Paws @ Home Introduction

Paws @ Home Pet Sitting Service provides personalized pet care that is tailored to each pet and owner, because no two pets are the same. Rather than placing your pets in unfamiliar places while you are away, we provide full care and love in your pets own familiar home. Many pet owners have previously found themselves canceling vacations and other travel plans because of the emotional stress put on their pets while they were away. When pet owners were away, they werenít enjoying themselves because they were worrying about their petís care.

Paws @ Home is a professional in-home pet-sitting service that provides consistent and reliable pet care in the comfort of your own home. Many pet owners have found that in-home pet care is the best choice for themselves and their pets, allowing them to leave guilt free & worry free knowing that their pet family members are loved & cared for. You can now enjoy your business, vacation travel, holidays, & weekend getaways with the knowledge that your pet is happy in his daily routine and safe in his home environment where all sights, smells and sounds are familiar. You no longer have to be inconvenienced in having to schedule dropping off or picking up your pet at a boarding facility. And when you return home, you will find that your pets are happy and ready to welcome your return.

Your vacation can also be your pet's vacation


Even if you are not leaving home, there may be times where Paws @ Home can provide valuable services. Full workdays, long working hours or illnesses may make it difficult to care for your pet. When those times arise, Paws @ Home is just a phone call away, ready to provide assistance. We will take care of your pets and your home when you can't, giving you peace of mind. Paws @ Home is a licensed, bonded and insured pet-sitting service for your protection and peace of mind.

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